Like It or Not, Gaudy Y2K Style Is Roaring Back

Picture it like this: The year is 2003. Britney Spears’ In the Zone is climbing the charts, social media hasn’t taken over our lives, and Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are taking over the TV screens Ours on The Simple Life wore a Dutch trucker hat Von . This is a simpler, more dull time! Sure, Y2K fashion in general has bad rapping and it’s a bit flashy at times — remember when we wore giant belts with everything right? —But it was more serious and less produced than the average celebrity you see today. More importantly, it’s fun, that’s what to wear right now. But don’t get too sentimental about the fashions of the past — because like it or not, early 2000s style will return with vengeance.
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The craze for original shirts was first sparked by Gen Z last year, when they started rocking bootcut jeans and silk scarves as tops on TikTok. Soon after, we also saw the aesthetic hit the runways, where brands like Blumarine debuted ruffled mini dresses, blue belts, and low-rise denim (“My Blumarine is dirtier, bitchy, sexier,” said creative director Nicola Brognano). And now, this trend is also being developed on the streets. During the summer, stars like Rihanna, Dua Lipa, Bella Hadid and many more shed their best dressed and give them a fresh, modern feel. Let’s explore their different outfit recommendations, shall we?
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One of the most luxurious accessories of the era that we have ever seen at the forefront is the truck cap. With a mesh back and graphic front, it became all the rage in the early 2000s. Justin Timberlake is largely credited with starting the trend when he wore a Von Dutch hat to the after-party. 2003 Grammy Awards. Ashton Kutcher, Gwen Stefani, Lindsay Lohan – they all wear them, especially if it’s Von Dutch, the It label of the period. Eighteen years later, in April 2021, Rihanna stepped out in a new look, sporting an Esso trucker hat over a tracksuit and Prada crossbody bag. Earlier this month, Hailey Bieber also hit Vegas in a lime green truck hat, styled with a white tank and vintage jeans.

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