Three Major Summer Street Style Trends from Four Cities

Even before the pandemic destroyed the fashion system, the holiday season was one of the weirdest. Lasting for months and aesthetically pleasing — swimwear and coats often share the catwalk — resort collections are of interest to many brands, including items intended for sale because of the times. Long shelf life of the season and come during the holidays.
The resort’s 2022 shows continue this mixed feeling of the season, delivering a diverse and unpredictable array of trends. In our current time, uncertain about the reunion but ready to wear again, a bit of fashion chaos is really felt in the step. But would you wear a micromini suit worthy of Cher Horowitz and Jean Seberg or prefer a covered poncho by Gabriela Hearst or Thom Browne? One thing designers all agree on is that comfort isn’t going anywhere: Chic leggings have appeared at Christian Dior, Burberry, and more. See all the trends from resort 2022 here.
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All things wear
Designers (and their stylists) are going from the minimalism of sweatpants to maximalism that is, well, a whole wardrobe at once. A shirt over a shirt over a skirt, a cardigan at the waist, and a scarf are worn together, creating a new eclectic look.
Christian Dior
Luxury leggings
For those who’ve adapted to sweaty comfort, but are ready for a sleeker look, the holiday season promises leggings in rich graphic colors and textures — and plenty of it. among them. Some offer a diving feel, others aim to reflect a new sportiness and comfort.
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Drawstring dress
Designers from Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton to Maria Grazia Chiuri at Christian Dior agree that an adjustable dress is just the right thing for a lifestyle.

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