Kim Kardashian’s Skims Cotton Collection

If you’ve been following Kim Kardashian’s Skims line for a while, chances are you’ve eyed the Cotton Skims Collection more than once. Although relatively new (compared to its form-fitting clothing), Skims’ Cotton collection is one of the most popular from the brand. It’s all on Instagram and more often than not, sold out – for now.
Skims’ Cotton Collection has two sub-lines: Cotton Jersey and Cotton Rib. Both are hailed as comfortable, everyday classics. While the Cotton Jersey features pieces that fit your figure for comfort, the Cotton Rib is its easier-to-use, lounge-appropriate sister (just as comfortable). The Cotton collection is available in five core colors (Bone, Mineral, Kyanite and Soot) and seven seasonal complementary colors such as Chocolate, Sedona, Umber and Rose Clay. All products are in size XXS-4X.
If you’ve been meaning to try some cotton pads in person, now’s the time: Skims has a big replenishment on September 21, and four Teen Vogue editors get to try some coveted cotton pads best to help you make choices. Here’s what we feel you need to know before you buy!
Liz Coulbourn wearing Skims' Cotton Collection.
I’m not usually one to spend a lot of money on bodysuits or lingerie. Instead, I try to convince myself that more affordable options will get the job done, so is it safe to say that I’m pretty skeptical about Skims – is it good or just good marketing? Either way, it’s hard to ignore the hype surrounding the brand, so I was excited to try out the Cotton Jersey collection.
This week, I’ve made the most of my time working from home and wearing a faux cotton t-shirt turtleneck with bold tanga bottoms around my apartment. And now I can officially say that I am the newest member of the Skims fan club. Both the barrel and bottom are buttery soft and super stretchy, which I think we all look for in a bra. From what I can tell so far, the material seems durable and ready to withstand the constant wear and tear of my dodgy NYC washer/dryer.
Although the tank is a bit on the side, I plan to hang out in it and, with some nipple stickers or a thin bra, put it on and wear it to town. For boldly innovative tunics, both the cut and stretch are perfect examples of what I like for my underwear. As someone with larger hips and butts, they fit snugly into all the right positions, supportive rather than tight, unlike many other thick banded panties I’ve tried. Putting aside my non-existent lingerie budget, I’m now prepared to empty out my current underwear drawer and just stock it with Skims.
Aiyana Ishmael wearing Skims' Cotton Collection.
I’ve heard many great reviews about Skims but this is the first time I’ve tried a few products from the brand and I have to admit I now believe the hype. When I took these shirts out of the package, I was very skeptical about the fit because they looked so small. Looks like they would come in two sizes too small for me. However, once I tried them on, I was amazed at how much they actually expanded to then immediately form to fit my body. I also love how it flattens my sides better than most other t-shirts.
Usually, I don’t buy t-shirts that fit because I don’t like the way they hug my body. I’m not endowed with an hourglass figure so I make sure all my outfits have a waistline to create that look for myself. I have a large bust and broad shoulders so I personally don’t like short-sleeve tops, mainly because I feel like most are cut in a way that accentuates those features. And even though I have long arms, somehow long-sleeve shirts are always a concern. However, I didn’t have any problems with the sleeve length of the cotton Skims long sleeve shirt. It rests completely on my wrist, which is my preferred length. While I like both shirts, I definitely prefer the long-sleeve one and I think it will be great as the colder months are approaching.
Another thing: I haven’t worn a bra in two years and refuse to ever wear one again and I’d say the material of the Skims products is perfect for someone who also doesn’t like wearing bras. The material fits comfortably in the bra while still giving enough support for my breasts to feel comfortable.

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