Marcazo – Official Kansas Jayhawks Final Four Basketball T-Shirt

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Just like your day-to-day winter outfits, accessories really pull a cold-weather workout outfit together. Hats, headbands, gloves, neck warmers, and tall socks are essential for keeping those often forgotten places warm for peak performance. Now that the gifts for your family and friends have been handed out, it’s time to treat yourself. The online after-Christmas sales are ripe for a well-deserved and unapologetically indulgent shopping spree. ’Tis the moment for you to snag, say, that pair of Tory Burch boots you’ve been coveting or that structured By Far handbag that’s long been on your wish list. And if you’re thinking about getting dressed up for New Year’s Eve (even if it’s just to stay in the house), perhaps a dreamy, well-priced Raey or Johanna Ortiz dress will lift your spirits. And these sales aren’t just about clothing and accessories either—we’ve unearthed some amazing home and beauty products too. (Hello, NūFace Smooth and Tighten kit.) The best part about all of these wonderful finds? You won’t have to pay full price to get the things that will bring you a spark of joy.

Official Kansas Jayhawks Final Four Basketball T-Shirt

Though the sweatshirt has become a ready-to-wear staple, let’s not forget its intended purpose for working out. It’s tried and true in the winter, whether for a trail walk, run, or chilly studio session. Similar to the sweatshirt, joggers are equally ideal for winter workouts. Those baggy silhouettes you curl up in on the couch can work as a warm-up layer in the cold. For higher-intensity activities, go for a slimmer fit, be it a 100% cotton, fleece-lined, or water-resistant design. Layers are the key to a successful workout. When two are enough, start with a thin base, then top it off with a mid layer like a zip-up jacket or pullover in a moisture-wicking fabric to stay dry and warm. Finally, on ultracold days, finish with a puffer vest or jacket—trust, in super-low temps, you won’t feel too bulky. For icy, snowy, or downright frigid conditions, a winter-ready sneaker is critical. Seek out an insulated and waterproof design with slip-resistant Gore-Tex soles suited to the trail or street.

Official Kansas Jayhawks Final Four Basketball T-Shirt hoodie

Lightweight, airy leggings are great in the heat, but when temperatures drop you’ll want to be prepared in a thicker fabric to shield your legs from the cold. Wool-blend or fleece-lined leggings and tights are the best for keeping those gams toasty warm. The long-sleeve top is a staple in any winter workout wardrobe, whether as a base, mid layer, or solo top. Like other year-round garments, seamless designs made from moisture-wicking fabrics will keep you feeling dry when sweat drips and warm in chillier temperatures. For even more insulation, go for a turtleneck, especially if you’re not fond of extras like a scarf. Some winter athletes can manage in a single long-sleeve top in the cold, but if you’re more the layering type, seek out a lightweight, insulated jacket or windproof design to sport over a toastier long-sleeve base or mid layer. If you prefer free arms while working up a winter sweat, say hello to the insulated vest—a less cumbersome layer to wear atop a long-sleeve top, zip-up jacket, or moisture-wicking turtleneck.

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