Mercaritee – Lion Tiger Woodward Motown Cars Coney Dogs I Love Detroit T-Shirt

If you’re a fan of The Simple Life, you’ll remember Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie wearing the Lion Tiger Woodward Motown Cars Coney Dogs I Love Detroit T-Shirt also I will do this extra-wide shades throughout the series—the lenses often tinted a colorful shade of blue or pink. I also fondly think of the fall 2006 Dior sunglasses ads, where Kate Moss wears an extra-large pair. Jenner very much channeled this retro vibe with her light-blue shades, but she modernized the look with the rest of her ensemble. She wore a printed new mini dress from Maisie Wilen, paired with a tiny shoulder bag and PVC mules. It’s a look that could easily belong in the 2000s, but still manages to feel super current. Turns out, Jenner isn’t alone in her love of shield shades either. Sister Kim Kardashian has been wearing a particularly bug-eyed style from Balenciaga nonstop lately, while Lipa even wore a bright orange pair back in March. So are large, armor-like sunglasses officially coming for the micro shades’ throne? We’re not mad at the prospect. Throw on a massive frame with virtually any ensemble, and you’ve suddenly got yourself a statement look.

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Lion Tiger Woodward Motown Cars Coney Dogs I Love Detroit T-Shirt

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