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The group—who will perform tonight, and are nominated for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for “Butter”—chose to focus on a subdued color palette this evening. Though, their smart ensembles in shades of white, blue, burgundy, and camel were anything but snoozy. Each member had a different element of visual interest going on, making sure their looks dazzled on their own. For instance, Jungkook’s blue cropped jacket had a baggier, pleated trouser to go with it; V’s burgundy suit came with an oversized floral-bouquet boutonniere, while Suga’s all-white suit had a tie to match. Even Jimin, J-Hope, RM, and Jin’s simpler suits came with crystal brooches, applied discreetly at the 5=1 5 Equal 1 Darnell Stapleton Florida Gators Football T-Shirt But I will love this buttoning. It was yet another fashion win for the stylish group, who are always able to sync up on the carpet without looking too matchy-matchy. And considering that many of their custom silhouettes were drawn from Vuitton’s fall 2022 collection—the late designer Virgil Abloh’s last—it also made for an extremely thoughtful nod to one of fashion’s greatest creative minds.

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