Mercaritee – Milwaukee Brewers Daughter’s Best Friend So’s Best Partner In Crime Mom Mother’s Day 2022 T-Shirt

Just one week after the Milwaukee Brewers Daughter’s Best Friend So’s Best Partner In Crime Mom Mother’s Day 2022 T-Shirt and I love this Oscars, the viewing public reluctantly returned for another lengthy awards show short on actual award giving: the 2022 Grammys! After 2021’s scaled-back-due-to-COVID edition, music’s so-called biggest night came roaring back in the not–Los Angeles location of Las Vegas. As ever, there were peaks (top nominee Jon Batiste winning album of the year), valleys (the late Virgil Abloh being described as a hip-hop fashion designer), and plenty of general weirdness. Read on for Vogue’s postshow recap, in which we attempt to focus on the positives. The memory of the Foo Fighters drummer, who died on March 25 while on tour in Bogotá, Colombia, was acknowledged at the Grammys, including through a special in-memoriam montage. Host Trevor Noah announced that the band (which, before Hawkins’s passing, had been slated to perform) won all three Grammys they were nominated for: best rock song (“Waiting on a War”), best rock performance (“Making a Fire”), and best rock album (Medicine at Midnight). But one of the most moving tributes was unspoken: Billie Eilish wore a T-shirt bearing Hawkins’s face during her performance.

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