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For the Oscars, Law Roach was inspired by the fine jewelry brand’s fun and wearable pieces, saying “the great part about Bulgari is that you can wear it your way.” The four pieces she and Law chose complemented her gown perfectly and had everyone on Instagram seeing yellow. Exclusively for ELLE, Law Roach gets into his inspiration and how he and Zendaya consistently join forces to create magic together on the red carpet. We also caught up with Roach in between shoots and fittings to get the details on creating this year’s instantly iconic Oscars moment.

Blood in blood out shea serrano shirt

Both. Bulgari has such a timeless feel to it, but their pieces allow you to play around and in a new, modern way. It’s a collaborative effort. Zendaya trusts me to bring her looks for each ceremony, and we choose based on what makes her feel the best. For musician and artist Jesse Jo Stark, 2020 was supposed to be the year. She’d been touring like crazy to promote her music, which sounds—in truly the best way—like a Creamsicle doused in whiskey and set aflame with a Zippo in a dive bar. She’d created a tiny line of merch called Deadly Doll for her albums; she was planning to finally perform at the music festivals she’d grown up attending as a California teen. And then, of course, the universe said “nope.”

Blood in blood out shea serrano hoodie-black

“I finally got where I wanted to be,” says the LA native. “I was performing my butt off. I was getting some streaming traction with the songs. I felt so good about the music I was making. And then it just…” she makes a poof sound. She readjusts her Zoom frame. But while global disruption works hard, the internet works a little bit harder—and for Stark, that proved to be just fine. That’s because if your star sign is Instagram with a TikTok rising, you already know Jesse Jo Stark. The musician has the thoughtful eyes of a girl too wise for California, the voice of a Nashville crooner impatient to hit the road, and the good sense to come from a highly cool and lower-key Hollywood dynasty. (Parents = Chrome Hearts founders, Uncle = Sex Pistols member, Godmother = Cher, Family Friends = Hadids, etc.) “I was taught from a very young age that success is in the details,” Stark says. “Clothes can almost be like alter egos—and I have a lot of those.”

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