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Commuting to the Official Motley Crue Where Are You Nikkisixx Motley Crue Where Are You T-Shirt but in fact I love this city from East Sussex every day, Rooke made her first major entrée to the world of fashion after she walked into Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren’s recently renamed ‘SEX’ boutique on King’s Road. (To register her interest in working at the store, she infamously wore a bullet bra, a fishnet skirt, and a pair of gold stilettos.) After a brief stint working at, of all places, the storied Knightsbridge department store Harrods, Rooke was hired by McLaren’s deputy Michael Collins. Soon, her inimitable style and imperious approach to selling clothes became one of the store’s signatures. Through her tight-knit friendship with McLaren and Westwood, Rooke was introduced to some of the most significant musicians and bands of her day. They included the Sex Pistols, for whom she became a de facto stylist, helping to shape their signature look of studded leather jackets, ripped T-shirts, and black suede creepers. She also served as an influential figure in the early years of Adam and the Ants, acting as the band’s manager during their iconic Kings of the Wild Frontier days and even serving as a guest vocalist on their song “Lou,” an ode to Lou Reed, during a BBC Radio 1 session overseen by the agenda-setting DJ John Peel. After marrying Rooke, bassist Kevin Mooney split off from Adam and the Ants to form Wide Boy Awake, which Rooke continued to manage throughout the 1980s.

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