Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Shirt

  Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Shirt! If you need any more proof that Dimes Square is New York’s neighborhood at the moment, here’s another: Nine Orchard. This June, the 116-room hotel will open at the centuries-old old Jarmulowsky bank on the corner of Canal and Orchard. It’s a majestic second life for the Beaux-Arts building: once dubbed “the mecca of American capitalism” by the New York Architectural Digest, it has been completely empty for the past six years, the complex manufactory and the sacred halls were nothing but dust. So far: After extensive restoration by DLJ Real Estate Capital Partners, Nine Orchard is once again back in the beauty business. Customers check-in at the place where a bank teller used to withdraw cash, as the vaulted ceiling rises above. The original clock and the 60-foot tempo (once used to conceal an invisible water tower) have been carefully recreated from archival photographs. Then there are the rooms: filled with honest wooden furniture and crisp linens, a location that’s visually tranquil with the bustling Lower East Side below.

New Yorkers, myself included, have been waiting years to see if it would come back to life,” said chef Ignacio Mattos, head of food and beverage services at Nine Orchard. “It’s an inspiring, authentic demonstration of the craftsmanship and it’s great to spend time inside those walls. Most of that time is bound to be spent in one of Mattos’ two bars: the first is Corner Bar, warm space where Happy Menocal paintwork embellishes the dark pine. Let The Bodies Hit The Floor Shirt! Mattos describes it as “the perfect place for a quiet breakfast, only to return in the evening for a quintessential New York night.” The hotel then has a lobby bar where you can enjoy a martini service while soaking up the old-world glamour. “The Lobby Lounge is about grandeur and luxury: just look at the high ceilings and all that decor,” Mattos told Vogue. “The idea here was very keen to embrace old-world flair while encouraging an atmosphere that feels celebratory and contemporary.” In September, the third space, Amado Grill, will join the hotel offerings.