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Official party Boy Johnny Depp Support Johnny Depp Shirt! Suddenly, all good crime shows come to an end. The dark amateur stories, utterly serious, the shows that helped define crime drama in the 2010s are coming to an end: Ozark just concluded, Better Call Saul is coming, Gomorrah (best of the bunch:) ) finished earlier this year, and now we have the Peaky Blinders game finale. But watching the sixth and final installment of the latter, now streaming on Netflix, is a reminder that this bloody epic, in particular, in the early 20th-century tale of the Shelby crime family from Birmingham, England, who went from being tough on the streets to being empire builders. Probably the weirdest of them all. Did you watch Peaky Blinders? We are a niche but a deeply committed group. 

In the UK, where the show was created a decade ago by Steven Knight for the BBC, it’s been an undisputed success with soaring ratings and a small industry of themed pubs, a line of capsule clothing, and guided tours. Official party Boy Johnny Depp Support Johnny Depp Shirt! The idea is that the world of Peaky Blinders is stylish men with short haircuts, pale yellow woolen clothes, West Midlands accents, and razor blades sewn into hats. The play is a romanticization of a famous kind of ideal of the English working class: profane but honorable, arduous but heroic. The Shelby family, led by antihero Thomas Shelby quoting the show’s poetry and played by the irresistible Irish actor Cillian Murphy, has everyone swaggering and hidden in sophistication. Tommy, as his name suggests, can clean up a tavern and rise through the ranks of Congress. He is the salt of the earth crossed with fleur de sel.