All American School Nurse Independence Day Shirt


  All American School Nurse Independence Day Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

All American School Nurse Independence Day Shirt! Now that the Tony Awards are over, Negga will reprise her role as Lady Macbeth for a few more weeks, meaning there’s still time to catch her in the iconic Shakespeare play. “After that, I was honestly looking forward to a little bit of downtime,” Negga said of her post-Broadway plans. It will be well worth it. Below, take a close look at how the star got ready for the 2022 Tony Awards. As the host of the 2022 Tony Awards in New York City last night, Ariana DeBose needed some stellar outfit choices. And what she’s got: While walking the red carpet and fulfilling her hosting duties, the West Side Story star teamed up with Boss on six special looks for the ceremony. She first started things up as she walked up the stairs and repeated herself in a glittering sequined black dress. But it was her look for the five-minute opening performance that took on a special meaning: It was designed by her girlfriend, costume designer Sue Makkoo.

Proving she’s a real triple threat, DeBose acted, sang, and danced her way through a number of originals in a white and silver ensemble that included a bodysuit, glittering vest, and plain coat. Makkoo told Vogue: “The inspiration behind the look of the opening issue came from a series of icons. “Ariana is a huge Ann Reinking fan. All American School Nurse Independence Day Shirt! I wanted to give a nod to her work history, as well as that of Chita Rivera in Kiss of the Spider Woman. “The bodysuit and hat combination is no longer part of the Broadway star’s Reinking, although the tailoring does recall Rivera. Knowing her mate well, Makkoo knows what aspects of DeBose’s personality and aesthetic would be best to show off. Makkoo said: “I have had the pleasure of working with Ariana a few times and know what is right for her. “Of course, with her youthfulness, I also want to brag a little for the Prince.”