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Queen Platinum Jubilee Royal Crest Uk Gb Union Jack Flag Shirt! On Saturday, after a two-year hiatus caused by COVID, members of Nepal’s gay community and their allies took to the streets of Kathmandu for the Nepal Pride Parade celebrating the hard-won victories of Nepal. over the past decade and look to the future of LGBTQ Rights in the landlocked Himalayan country. Present to witness it was Nepalese photographer Sagar Chhetri, who first heard of the march when it was launched in 2019. “I know it happened because I followed people. hold it pretty tight,” Chhetri said of that first parade. “But this year is the first time I have seen it with my own eyes. Honestly, it’s really exciting and overwhelming to see all these young people laughing, smiling, and dancing to the music. Although Nepal is known for its progressive stance on rights in South Asia, compared with many neighboring countries, political freedoms are far from easy and Nepalese activists note that there are still.

After the monarchy was abolished in 2008, a new constitution drafted by the country’s Supreme Court recognized rights as a basic human right. Homosexuality is not yet legalized and challenging discriminatory laws around access to property and education remains a key goal of Nepali activists seeking future equality. Queen Platinum Jubilee Royal Crest Uk Gb Union Jack Flag Shirt! I’ve seen a lot of political protests in Kathmandu, but the energy here is quite different,” said Chhetri. , fight for justice and speak up for what they believe in. Of course, the Pride parade does that too, but it’s also kind of a celebration. Saturday, the people who gather there have a different kind of energy. All those people may get excited every other day of the year, but on that one day, they are there to enjoy it, to share their love and affection. There is a special smile on everyone’s face that I cannot put into words.