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Golden State Warriors Chibi 2022 NBA Champions Shirt! For several years before his death, Abloh sought refuge in intellectual, theoretical, and imaginative conversations with Aronowsky Cronberg about his work,” One World told Vogue. “Work in Progress is the culmination of their dialogue, a book that illuminates the ideas behind Abloh’s incredible process and practice.” Nicole Counts, senior editor of One World, calls the book “the perfect blend of structured and lively storytelling with a meditative and imaginative look into the mind, hands-on and the philosophy of a visionary”. Aronofsky Cronberg said she and Abloh started working on the book a few years ago. “We rely on the conversations we are having: face-to-face, by phone, by email, in message threads. We talked about Virgil’s process and ‘logic’.

As well as about the central ideas of his practice: irony and seriousness, hybridity, paradox, the value of originality, and the ‘good’ taste control,” she told Vogue. “We challenged and learned from each other and it was through this ongoing dialogue and friendship that the idea of ​​Work in Progress was born.” Their intention, Aronowsky Cronberg explains, was to “have been and are bringing in big ideas informally, but also to see fashion as art, as an industry and as a daily practice, as well as an important space for critical thinking, and dynamic intellectual and cultural exchange. Golden State Warriors Chibi 2022 NBA Champions Shirt! After Abloh’s death at the age of 41 last November, Aronowsky Cronberg is relying on extensively taped conversations with the designer to complete Work in Progress, with “the full support of his wife.” access to his archive, and the involvement of his closest collaborators and creative friends,” One World said in a statement. “Work in Progress is a portrait of an icon, an intellectual biography as bold and experimental as its subject.”