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Nice English Pro Lewis F1 44 T Lewis Hamilton Car Racing Shirt! What I want is for more Black female artists and photographers to continue this work. You might think there would be more artists working in this field, but not as many as I expected when researching it. In the future, I want to continue and encourage the visibility of Black female artists, the depiction of Black women in art, and the broadening of the way we perceive the Black or female body. Black women in general. One of the things that were important to me when creating this program was that I didn’t want all the images to depict nudity. Obviously, there are some nude or naked images in the exhibition, but I also wanted to expand on the idea of ​​Venus. Even if we take the black color away from the idea of ​​Venus, Venus in general, when we think about art history, is still subject to the gaze of a white male. Therefore, it becomes doubly subjective when Venus turns black. So my overall goal is that I want to broaden the way we see women, including Black women, by having many different instances of how we see black, femininity, and childishness. People. I was also very inspired by the Thelma Golden and Black Male exhibit at the Whitney Museum of American Art because I felt that the exhibit really sheds some interesting light on how Black men were viewed. seen throughout history. I think this is clearly a really interesting topic lately.

And so I wonder what that might look like when we shift our focus to Black women, and what that might do for the future of Black women in the world, outside the world. museum or art history. I hope that when visitors come to see this exhibition, it will be a pleasant experience, that the audience understands the idea of ​​homosexuals and how that has seriously affected the way we see them. Black women and how Black women have finally regained their self-determination about how they see themselves. I want this exhibition to encourage people to have a different perspective. Nice English Pro Lewis F1 44 T Lewis Hamilton Car Racing Shirt! When I say visibility is key, or that a big scene is politics, that’s also how you look and think when you see these pieces. I think it will generate a lot of different questions and encourage people’s thinking to separate and exist in the way that people see the world. Really when I curate an exhibition, it’s because I want to have a lasting legacy in people’s minds and allow people to see the world a little differently or see things again. I feel that is one of the greatest strengths of art and one of the great goals of curating an exhibition. I want people to enjoy themselves and feel changed to inspire them to make changes or to see the world and see themselves in it in different ways. So that’s my hope: to encourage more display of Black women in the arts, to produce Black women, obviously black women, but also to encourage thinking deeper in the way we see Black women in the world itself.