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The concept of the campaign was about animals reclaiming urban areas that have been taken away from them without any consideration. During lockdown, airplanes weren’t flying, fewer cars were on the road, and some of us were lucky enough to get out of the city; we could hear the birds singing. There was respect for nature living alongside us, which we’re normally too busy to acknowledge. I wanted a comedic David Attenborough-esque voiceover for the film. When I shared the idea with David [Walliams], whom I’ve known forever, he loved it and didn’t hesitate. He has such an instantly recognizable voice—another reason to have him on board.

Best i Never Dreamed One Day I'd Be The World's Greatest American But Here I Am T-Shirt

Rewilding is a theme in the campaign and charity Rewilding Britain is calling for 30% of land and sea to be restored for nature by 2030. What have been your own experiences of rewilding? Comedian David Walliams does the campaign film voiceover. How did this collaboration come about? Your “Autumn” collection is made from 80% environmentally friendly materials. What are some of the textile developments you are most excited about?

Best i Never Dreamed One Day I'd Be The World's Greatest American But Here I Am T-Shirt Hoodie

You are helping to drive a petition with the Humane Society to ban fur farming worldwide. Do you think we can cultivate a fur-free fashion industry? I grew up on an organic farm, and now have a farm of my own, which I spent three years turning into a Soil Association-certified organic farm. One of the first things we did was expand the headland so there were wild areas between the hedges and the crops, where nature could have a home. I’ve never understood why humans feel we have the right to take over everything. It’s great that rewilding is not only bringing animals, but like-minded people together.

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