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Nice girl Parrot portrait Vertical Poster T-shirt! Since opening in 2017, the bookstore and cafe Kalima DeSuze’s Crown Heights Cafe con Libros have become a beloved haven for readers in particular Black and Afro-Latinx women looking for a place to stay. Time to explore the best that alternative feminist literature has to offer. And thanks to her background of working against racism and gender-based violence for nearly 20 years, few people are better equipped than DeSuze to provide a reading list that spans a whole calendar year. checkered history and the irrepressible joy of June 13. For Deleuze, it’s the balance between knowledge of the past and hope for the future that guides both her daily work at the bookstore and the books she chooses as holiday essentials. Of course, they are all written by, about, and about Black women, and told through different types of stories, whether fictional or non-fiction,” explains Deleuze.

But I wanted to think about the true meaning of June 13th, from the history surrounding it to the ways that black people and especially black women have transcended it, through culture, through activism. moving, through our hair, even, maybe a point of both protest and joy. Nice girl Parrot portrait Vertical Poster T-shirt! And as for DeSuze’s June 16 celebration this weekend? “On Sunday, I really relax and my employees get the day off to do whatever they want,” Deleuze said. “My way of celebrating is really relaxing because I don’t always get the chance to slow down. I think with these big holidays celebrating Black Joy, there’s often a sense that we always have to do something. But sometimes, especially for Black women, the best thing we can do for ourselves is to allow a feeling of comfort and relaxation, and recovery. So I will give my best this weekend. Here, find DeSuze’s picks of the best books to read this June 16 and beyond, spanning everything from political history to cookbooks.