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Nice men’s Proud Korean War Veteran Gift For Military Shirt! On June 9, Netflix released a preview for episode two. In the 30-second clip, we see a young girl Eleven staring at a portal she created while Vecna ​​snarls, “It’s over. You have freed me”. Dr. Brenner then inspects the damage before the camera cuts to Robin, Nancy, and Steve in the Upside Down. We also get to see Dustin and Lucas looking very scared, Hopper and Murray examining an otherworldly monster in a tank, a giant explosion, and someone levitating, showing that Vecna ​​has found another victim. The official trailer is out on June 21, and it’s catching on. It features Max staring at the hellish scene of Upside Down while Lucas, Dustin, Eddie, Robin, Steve, and Nancy appear in battle. “Your friends aren’t prepared for this war,” we hear Dr. Brenner tell Eleven in a voiceover. “Hawkins will fall.” She simply replied, “My friends need me.

We then see Vecna ​​slowly approaching Nancy, Steve leaping back up the Upside Down, and Demogorgon crashing through the door of the Russian prison. At the same time, an explosive rendition of Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” plays in the background. Right! On February 17, Netflix announced that Stranger Things would end with season five. “Seven years ago, we planned the complete storyline for Stranger Things,” the Duffer brothers said in their statement. “At the time, we predicted the story would span four to five seasons. Nice men’s Proud Korean War Veteran Gift For Military Shirt! It proved too big to say in four but as you’ll see, we’re getting to the finale. ” But there is some hope for those who want to see more of the universe the Duffers have created. “There are still more exciting stories to tell in the Stranger Things world: new mysteries, adventures. new saves, new unexpected heroes,” they added, leaving the door open for a sequel or spin-off series. This story is about a strong girl named Eleven and her brave friends, about a spoiled sheriff and a fierce mother, of a small town named Hawkins and an alternate dimension. then known only as of the Upside Down.”