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According to your research, here are three key figures that affected the Front Office Sports Lebron James Nipsey Hussle The Great Vol 1 T-Shirt in other words I will buy this perception of the Black female body. Can you tell me more? When I first started thinking about the show, one of the first obvious figures that I wanted to put in there was the Hottentot Venus, also known as Saartje Baartman (1789-1815). Due to her non-Western body shape, Baartman was shown around Europe being portrayed as a type of ‘freak’. From these actions, caricatured depictions of her contributed towards the othering of Black women that has been predominant in Western culture. I felt like she is a character in history that people know a little bit about even though we all may have seen an image or two of her—it’s part of the contemporary culture. This can be seen in the rise in the Brazilian Butt Lift for example or people trying to enlarge their buttocks, the sexualization of Black women in music videos, and the reclaiming of that sexualization through pop stars currently working today. Hottentot Venus was actually a story that my mother introduced to me when I was very young, and she was really interested in that particular story. So I have quite a personal affiliation with it. It’s funny when I think about how long it took for this exhibition to come about. I think that truthfully, it’s been in the back of my brain for a long time due to these ideas being instilled in me from my family a while ago; they kind of sprouted out from there. The Hottentot Venus, and how that shaped the way we see Black women, is definitely one of the main pillars in the show, and we’ve got a really interesting reproduction from the New York Public Library that teaches the audience about her in the exhibition.

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