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Nice golden State Warriors 2021-22 NBA Champions Shirt! Our congressman has been locked out of the system for too long,” added Representative Veronica Escobar of Texas. “This is why elections matter.” The group, organized by the Congressional Hispanic Caucus, banded together to support the nomination of Ketanji Brown Jackson, who, a few weeks later, would be confirmed by the Senate as the first black woman on the Court, a battle A welcome victory over uncertain odds, and a particularly charged person in a time of judicial upheaval. In early May, a draft of a Dobbs v Jackson Court opinion manuscript, written by Justice Samuel Alito, was leaked to Politico, revealing a high court was poised to overturn a ruling on abortion rights. 1973 by Roe v. Wade. Alexis McGill Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Planned Parenthood, described the hypothetical opinion as “appalling and unprecedented” and claimed her organization was “built to fight.” As written, the decision will refer the issue of reproductive rights to elected state leaders, and many lawmakers have stated their intention to push the abortion-restrictive measures to be passed as soon as possible. In a time of national polarization, ballot box shares increased overnight. The project of securing access to that ballot box itself is not a new challenge for those who rallied on the steps of the Supreme Court. 

The Latinx community of the United States accounted for half of the population growth in the last census, yet, over the decades, it has had as rich a voice and diversity of opinion as to any other group. any in the US. When Escobar finished, she handed the microphone to a tall, stoic woman in a striking orange gown and stone-studded suede heels. This is María Teresa Kumar, founding president of Voto Latino, the country’s largest Latinx suffrage organization, with a stiff fight for control of the Senate and House of Representatives expected in the fall This is one of the many grassroots leaders they depend on. Kumar, who has long brown hair and a quick, dry way of speaking, turns his eyes towards the gathering crowd. “It was a collective, multicultural America that brought Joe Biden into the office and created the space for him to make historic choices and keep his promise to bring a black woman to the Supreme Court,” she said. Nice golden State Warriors 2021-22 NBA Champions Shirt! And that multicultural America must keep its voice. “I can’t wait to get started.” Before the conference ended, Eric Rodriguez, senior vice president of UnidosUS, a nonprofit that advocates for Latinx, made a call for ballot access. “One in five students in our class today is Latino. Nearly a million Latinos turn 18 each year and are eligible to vote. This is not just about the past but the future of our country,” he said. He later told me he was optimistic but not optimistic about voting rights in the midterm elections this fall.