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I fluctuated between both terms and I think you can see it with how we run Bond. Are we saying always that it’s queer-owned business? Or can you just tell that we’re inclusive from the Official Kinn Porsche Thai Bl Series T-Shirt moreover I will buy this vibe we’re giving off? We’re just trying to find an authentic representation and place in the community that feels right to us and is not tokenistic. Even if it’s for the powers of good, weaponizing my queerness for marketing is not me. It’s not because I’m not proud. I’m sensitive to that being used and using these demographic things for that. There are aspects of our brand that speak for themselves. It’s an if you know, you know kind of thing. People always ask us if Bond has anything to do with bondage. We always like to be suggestive and allude to the fact that there’s more going on here. If people can read between the lines, it’s a way of finding like-minded people that come from a queer historical point of view because flirting with someone of the same sex could have at many places and many points of time been a risky thing to do. There’s some vibe that has been carried on from alluding to different subcultures through the pieces that you’d wear. Some clothes would hint at your interests or who you might be attracted to without having to spell it out.

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Official Kinn Porsche Thai Bl Series T-Shirt