Official official I’m Keith Hernandez T-shirt

 Official, I’m Keith Hernandez T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Official, I’m Keith Hernandez T-shirt! One by one they came out and told us to “get a room”. Hearing this, I don’t think how embarrassing it would be to behave like this in public. in these situations I don’t always think about whether it’s too soon to get intimate with someone I don’t know, nor do I think about any of the normal things that come to mind when I’m with someone. with men. Instead, I kept moving closer until his knee was pressed between my legs and my arm wrapped around his shoulder. Until our limbs are braided together, and no air separates us. Until we are air-tight, vacuum-packed, but still not tight enough. I wish I had eight arms so I could get past him all at once like an octopus. We try to walk home but keep going like this again and again until at last, we fall into the softness of his big white bed. When I woke up, I felt as if something was living in my brain trying to find a way out. 

Pale blue light burst through the open windows and I thought about trying to get water but didn’t know where to look and knew I’d probably go into his roommate’s room or something. I lean down and kiss him on the cheek like I’m his girlfriend as I get up for an early plane and walk out the door. After a long slumber in my bed, I woke up, and while toasting a bagel, I called a friend with the intention of covering up all the fascinating details for her. Official, I’m Keith Hernandez T-shirt! Maybe there was something stiff in my voice, because she asked, “So, how do you feel about the whole thing?” And her gentle coaxing made me feel like something bad had happened, something I should regret. That’s when my mom’s words popped into my head “At least you didn’t have sex with him” and I wondered if I’d made a mistake, giving away something I should have never had. must keep.