The Summer Of Stomp IV Shirt

  Official Kanagawa Wave Japanese Graphical Samurai Ninja Girl Sakura Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Official Kanagawa Wave Japanese Graphical Samurai Ninja Girl Sakura Shirt! As Meghan Markle spent this week making stylish appearances around New York City with Prince Harry, it was a reminder that the Duchess has long-desired hair for good reason. This was made possible in no small part thanks to the hands of hair colorist Kadi Lee, who is also the expert behind Julia Roberts’ famous red flame. Along with business partner and longtime friend Myka Harris, Lee is the co-founder of Highbrow Hippie, a holistic beauty and wellness studio in Venice, California that has become an insider destination for travel Sea travel. The secret behind Lee’s fresh, unique color care treatments from the beach? “I leave a lot of natural color in the inside of my hair, sometimes splitting it up with a slight smudge and other times with a more obvious connection to the roots,” says Lee. “The result is a dimensional color that will provide seamless and lasting growth throughout the summer months.

The way the pros see it, less is more with this lightweight, low-maintenance approach. “Summer is meant to be spent relaxing and reconnecting with family, friends, and yourself!” she speaks. “Definitely not going to the hair salon to get any hair color that requires a lot of care. Official Kanagawa Wave Japanese Graphical Samurai Ninja Girl Sakura Shirt! As summer rolls around, here Lee shares how to tweak each hair color for that elusive SoCal sun kiss look. Light, afternoon blondes are usually a slow burn. “I only add highlights after a few appointments, allowing the natural or created base color to really set as the background and canvas,” she explains. “Finally, when the highlights are added, they really pop and add an incredible amount of movement to the hair.” And it’s not just about location; Some blonde tones live their best lives in the warmer months. “The beige, buttery, and blonde tones will keep your hair looking healthy all season long,” says Lee.