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Nice roe Roe Roe Your Vote Strong America Flag Shirt! Being the first lady was not a role Zelenska ever wanted to play. “I like being behind the scenes, it suits me,” she told me. “Getting into the limelight is quite difficult for me.” She and Zelenskyy met in high school, started dating in college, and had a fulfilling life in the entertainment world before he was elected president in 2019 in a fight against corruption. To protect their family life, she doesn’t want him to run. But like so many of her Ukrainian colleagues in this war, Zelenska appeared with grace and grit. “I’m trying to do my best,” she said. She has always been a diligent student. During our two conversations in Kyiv, Zelenska was frank, decent, elegant, and a subtle promoter of Ukrainian designers. One day, she wore an ecru silk blouse with a black velvet bow tied around her neck and a black calf-length skirt, her ash blonde hair pulled up in a high bun. The next day it was wide-leg jeans, chunky white sneakers with yellow and blue details, a nod to the Ukraine flag, and a fundraising project by The Coat brand, loose hair. slung over his shoulders and a rusty button-down shirt. I can’t help but think that the shirt has the same rust color as the burned Russian tanks I see on the roads of Irpin and Bucha, the suburb of Kyiv where Ukraine has repelled the Russians.

In Bucha, where a now-infamous mass grave is located, investigations are underway to determine whether Russia committed war crimes. I asked Zelenska how news of the Russian atrocities in Bucha changed the game. “The first weeks after the war broke out, we were in shock,” she said. “After arriving in Bucha, we understood that it was a war to destroy us all. A war of destruction”. It is strange to talk about the destruction of Ukraine and Ukrainian fashion in the same conversation, and this is the dissonance of perception of Ukraine today, where designers and experts of all kinds are mobilizing. at home and abroad to support their country. Nice roe Roe Roe Your Vote Strong America Flag Shirt! That cognitive dissonance is especially true in Kyiv, where you can sip matcha in a cafe and then drive an hour to Bucha to visit a mass grave. It’s hard to get a head around it all. For all of Zelenska’s grace under pressure, it’s clear that the war has done some damage to her. She is nervous and tense at times as if locked in a semi-permanent fight or flight mode. Her eyes would be filled with sadness, especially when talking about dead children, and she would sometimes stare out the window and fold her arms over her stomach, a gesture of self-protection. There is no question. When Russia invaded Ukraine, Zelenskyy became the number one target, and she and their children the second. This cannot be easy. “I can’t think about it too seriously, because otherwise, I’d be paranoid,” she said, glancing at a wary aide, who, when I asked as cautiously as possible, all felt how.