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Official f1 Max Verstappen Wins The 2022 French Grand Prix T-shirt! When the fighting began early in the morning of February, Zelenska was at home in the presidential palace in Kyiv, with the president and their two children: Oleksandra, 18, and Kyrylo, 9, for months the Biden administration shared intelligence with Ukraine and Europe. warning of an impending Russian invasion. However, no one, not even Zelenskyy, really expected that to happen. As it happened, he put on a suit, went to the office, and declared martial law. As the Russian tanks moved towards Kyiv, he changed into military equipment and won the undying support of the Ukrainians and the admiration of the world by not fleeing the country, as one of his predecessors, pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovych, did in the face of the famous Maidan Square Uprising in 2014. “I need ammunition, not a ride,” Zelenskyy said, apparently, at the time (a line may be a fake but still exists). On the second day of the war, Zelenskyy shot a now famous handheld video of him and his team outside the presidential palace.

His message “We are here. We are in Kyiv. We are defending Ukraine” Ukrainians were inspired to do the same. Since then, his daily recap video for the nation has also helped lift morale. Before becoming president, Zelenskyy was more than just a famous comedian, a movie and television star, the Ukrainian voice of Paddington Bear in recent films, and the winner of the Dancing With version of the show. the Stars of his country, but he also co-founded one of the largest film and television production companies of the post-Soviet era, Studio Kvartal 95. Zelenska has worked as a writer and editor for primetime satirical comedy shows and on a women’s show. Official f1 Max Verstappen Wins The 2022 French Grand Prix T-shirt! While in office, Zelenskyy brought many television colleagues and friends into management. This has led to challenges, most notably allegations of institutional incompetence (he recently fired a childhood friend he had appointed head of security services). of Ukraine). But there is no doubt that Zelenskyy and his team have organized excellent communication effectively. The president is ready for the crucial time, even if the country’s institutions may not. The hard work of reform will come to Ukraine if it wants to join the European Union, a lengthy process.