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Pettymurphy Petty Eddie Murphy Unisex Shirt! We have so much to thank Bey’s childhood dance teacher, Darlette Johnson, for. Johnson told CNN in 2013. “I hummed a song and she finished it, and it blew me away. And I promised her a dollar and she sang back.” When Tina and Mathew’s parents came to pick her up from dance lessons that evening, Johnson told them, “She can sing! She can really sing! In 2004, Bey told Rolling Stone that it was her dance teacher who encouraged her to enter a school talent contest when she was 7 years old. “I was so scared and I didn’t want to do it, and she said, ‘Come on, honey, get out of there,'” she recalls. “I remember walking out and I was scared, but when the music started, I didn’t know what happened. I just… changed. “She received a standing ovation and won. “I said, ‘Oh, my God, this is amazing. “So I knew I wanted to be a singer. I think I already knew that, but I’ve never been on stage before. Then, her father started taking her to more local talent shows, where she won 35 times in a row. 

Most people thought 7 was particularly lucky, but Bey wasn’t. Four is a number for her. It not only marks her birthday (September 4) but also Jay-Z’s birthday (December 4), as well as her mother Tina’s birthday. (January 4) Her wedding anniversary too is April 4 (April of the year) So she named her fourth studio album 4. Pettymurphy Petty Eddie Murphy Unisex Shirt! Fans An eagle eye will know that both she and Jay-Z have the Roman numeral, IV, tattooed on their ring finger and that their daughter’s middle name Blue Ivy is believed to be a reference to it, too. We’ve all heard the soundtrack a million times since it premiered on the big screen in 2018 and Lady Gaga is accordingly stuck in our heads as Ally Maine. was initially approached to star in the b. session A remake of A Star Is Born. In 2012, before Gaga and Bradley Cooper joined, the script was in the hands of famous director Clint Eastwood. “For months, we’ve been trying to coordinate our schedule to bring this remake to life, but it just couldn’t be done,” Bey confirmed in a statement to E! News 2012.