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Motley Crue The Stadium Tour Denver Event Shirt! All in all, I’m having a fairly traditional Protestant wedding: My sister-in-law who is a priest will do the ceremony, I’ll wear white, and after dinner, my guests will play “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. But one area where I have departed from tradition is the decision to have no bridesmaids. I have no good reason behind this choice. I don’t think asking friends to stand there with me is somehow sexist as an homage to the ancient Roman tradition of protecting the bride from kidnappers. I don’t worry that I will fail with one of the people next to me and my photos will be ruined. In 2020 and 2021, many people shrink or eliminate attendees due to COVID-19 because of a smaller guest list, so I’m part of the trend. Still, I’m surprised by how strong people feel about this decision. My mother, for one sentence: “Are you going to stand up there alone?” she asked when I mentioned my choice. (I reminded her that my betrothed and sister-in-law would be there with me and that all the people I love in the world would be only 5 yards away.) My first excuse was cowardice. , simple and easy to understand. 

The thought of choosing a handful of friends to stand next to me makes me cringe. While I suspect there’s a mountain of worried people hoping they’ll cut, it’s still a potential dilemma enough for me to avoid altogether. There are enough stressors in the wedding planning process. On the other hand, I don’t want anyone to go up there reluctantly, wish they could save up some money to buy a dress. Once you are asked to be a flight attendant, it is mandatory. Motley Crue The Stadium Tour Denver Event Shirt! The obligation is something I want to do at all costs at my wedding. What could be less romantic? Second, it is very expensive to be both a bridesmaid and a bridesmaid. There’s a bachelorette party, which usually involves at least one plane ride. There’s the dress you’ll only wear once, no matter what anyone says. At times, hair and makeup costs, as well as bridal-tribal merchandise, can come in. (I’ve never encountered this in my bridesmaid’s experience, thank God.) None of this is required, of course (except in most cases the dress), but It is generally expected and the average bridesmaid spends $1,200 on a wedding. I want to take this extra stress and spending off my to-do list.