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Sue Sylvester Portrait Glee Jane Lynch Shirt! In Ukraine, tens of thousands of women were already on the front lines, including in combat, and Zelenska’s role increasingly shifted to frontline diplomacy. She recently traveled to Washington, albeit for an informal, unannounced visit, and met with President Biden, first lady Dr. Jill Biden and Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Here, she also addressed Congress, telling a bipartisan group of lawmakers that she was speaking as a mother and daughter, not just as a first lady. She showed pictures of Ukrainian children killed by Russian rockets, including a 4-year-old with Down syndrome, before saying: “I’m asking for something I never wanted. Q: I am asking for weapons that will not be used to wage war on someone else’s land but to protect one’s home and right to wake up alive in that house. It’s a more sincere version of the message her husband has been carrying all this time: that the war in Ukraine is more than Ukraine, about who upholds Western values ​​and The postwar rules-based order If Vladimir Putin can invade a sovereign state to fulfill his ambitions of unifying the former Russian empire, where will he stop? her husband will persuade.

Ukraine’s Western allies to become more involved in a conflict that has yet to be resolved and is also weighing on the global economy. Russia’s foreign minister said Russia would consider expanding into further territory if Western countries supply Ukraine with more long-range weapons, while Zelenskyy wants to push the Russians back to the border by February 24. , if not further, before considering negotiations with Russia Ukraine insists victory is possible; Russia seems not to relinquish any of the territories it has so far claimed. Sue Sylvester Portrait Glee Jane Lynch Shirt! Through it all, Congress and the Biden White House have walked a fine line: provide billions of military aid to Ukraine but are reluctant to fight Russia permanently, get entangled in perpetual wars, or send too many weapons for a Ukrainian army that might not be trained to use them or keep them out of Russian hands. At the same time, major European countries, especially Germany, were heavily dependent on Russian gas, effectively funding the Russian war effort even as they provided military and technical assistance. for Ukraine.