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Gas Prices Are So Low Biden Shirt! The third reason I chose not to participate was, that I’m really not sure why I had different attendees from the tradition. As my colleague Elise Taylor pointed out in an article about what it means to be a bridesmaid in 2021, people have been familiar with the role for centuries. She cites an 1879 editorial in The New York Times: “Conscientious men often concede that there must have been some good reason in the beginning for employing a best man at a wedding that is now has been completely forgotten. No one can point to any purpose that these marriage accomplices serve.” And unlike other seemingly useless or outdated traditions at weddings, like wearing white or getting ready with my dad on the aisle or cutting a cake at an event, I didn’t feel any particular emotion. for this.

I don’t blame my friends who ask me to be there with them on the big day. Far away from it. I’ve been a bridesmaid four times so far and enjoyed the experience: the bachelorette party, where you meet your friend’s favorite people; get ready together; the excitement of seeing someone close to you all unkempt and ready to start a new chapter of their life. I cried so many tears of joy in a bridesmaid dress that I actually intended to wear again. Gas Prices Are So Low Biden Shirt! These are authentic experiences that I will not go back and delete. (To any of your friends reading this: I swear! I love you and your married friends!) But I know that all of these sentiments can be replicated in my own wedding as well. The way I like it better. My feelings about bridesmaids are similar to my feelings about freesias. Will I choose them for myself? No. But I will carry a bunch of them with you while you marry the love of your life.