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Nice monty Python Lemming Of The Bida T-shirt! On Saturday, Kimberlin and T.J. wedding just before sunset on a horse pasture on the shores of Lake Turner. Guests ride horse-drawn carriages into the hall, wriggling through the overgrown dry grass fields. “Rebecca had the idea to let the hay grow wild throughout the season to create a dramatic ceremony path that winds from the hill to the edge of the lake. I’m not sure if it’s harder to mow the thick grass or convince my father to let his field loose according to our master plan because the grass is over 5 feet tall,” Kimberlin said. Scattered along either side of the aisle were giant paper poppies that, according to yarn artist Trish Andersen’s surrealism, Kimberlin recalls, “danced in the wind.” WATCH Billie Eilish shares her post-show beauty routine, from removing makeup to overnight hair The bride walks down the aisle in an Oscar de la Renta gown to a “You Are My Sunshine” banjo performance famed bluegrass musician Alan O performs “Bryant. (Can you recognize his version of this very song from the Coen brothers’ cult 2000 classic, O, Brother Where Art Thou? ) After the couple exchanged their vows, an antique horse-drawn carriage drove them away for a romantic getaway. Meanwhile, the guests were getting ready to start the party at cocktail hour.

Kimberlin’s cousin built it. built a floating bar out of giant tree trunks that “looked as if it had been growing there for years,” says Kimberlin. The South is like Benton’s ham on a cookie Hanging from the trees are silver barrels filled with age-old beer A collection of early American chairs, sourced Original from a vintage store in Savannah, artfully arranged in a vacant lot. Then it was time for dinner and dancing under an unexpected cast of stars. The couple hung a giant 15-foot-tall moon and a hundred glittering pointed orbs from the ceiling of their canvas tent. Nice monty Python Lemming Of The Bida T-shirt! It surfaced during the couple’s first dance. Kimberlin said: “We danced to the ‘Volare’ as the giant moon and her galaxy rose to the center of the dance floor, clearing the room for a wild dance party. On the dining tables, the Fox Fodder Farm arranges exotic wildflowers and lilies. To add a touch of humor, they added tiny toy snakes and grasshoppers poking out of the flowers or sometimes decorated dinner plates. Paying homage to T.J.’s Italian heritage, the couple served up boxes of Sanguinetti cookies shipped from T.J.’s mother’s favorite Connecticut bakery, Lucibello’s, as well as pizza on the dance floor as the party progressed. “None of the guests, regardless of age, sat down for the rest of the night. We danced like crazy and ate heart-shaped pizzas for extra nutrition,” Kimberlin said.