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Nice fanart Anderson Paak Shirt! The extraordinary story of Amy Winehouse, the supremely talented singer-songwriter who went from a rising star on London’s jazz scene to a six-time Grammy-winning superstar, inspires costumes on Halloween before his death from alcohol poisoning at the age of 27. was told in a few different formats. There’s Amy’s Oscar-winning documentary, Asif Kapadia in 2015; Amy Winehouse 2018: Back to Black, Jeremy Marre takes an in-depth look at the standard album-making process; and Amy is curated by Marina Parker in 2021, in which her friends and family reflect on her life and legacy. But now, the tragic tale of her stratospheric ascent and subsequent fall is set to become the subject of big-screen favor in a major new Hollywood biopic. On July 11, Deadline announced that the film, which has been in the works since 2018, will now continue with StudioCanal production. Titled Back to Black, the film will see Sam Taylor-Johnson, the BAFTA-nominated director behind.

Nowhere Boy, and Fifty Shades of Gray, who was once a close friend of Winehouse’s, take the lead behind the camera. Meanwhile, the script was penned by Matt Greenhalgh, whose previous credits include Nowhere Boy, John Lennon, and Control’s teenage documentary, which follows Ian Curtis’ Joy Division with a profile. Follow-up bodes well for the upcoming release. It should also be noted that the film is being made with the full support of the Amy Winehouse property, including the musician’s father, Mitch, who has faced criticism for his perceived role in his daughter’s decline after Kapadia’s documentary was released. Nice fanart Anderson Paak Shirt! The decision means Taylor-Johnson will likely be allowed to delve into Winehouse’s sensational comeback catalog, but also raises questions about how her family might be sympathetically portrayed. . Will the biopic focuses on the second half of her career and chart-topping second album, as the title suggests, or will it explore her childhood? And will it be more preoccupied with her musical successes or her struggles with substance abuse and destructive relationships?