Zombie Creepy Kawaii Teddy Bear Shirt

  Zombie Creepy Kawaii Teddy Bear Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Zombie Creepy Kawaii Teddy Bear Shirt! To really embody her almost influential, Gen Z character, Deutch made it her mission to look the part. To signal her on-trend influencer agenda, nothing matters more than her moment’s most striking outfit with her blonde streaks, and striking face. “It’s Zoey! She came up with big ideas,” said Cynthia Vanis, Not Okay’s head of hair, about how Sanders founded #MoneyPieces, as they’re known on TikTok. After drawing inspiration from actual users on the platform, Deutch tapped celebrity colorist Tracey Cunningham to accentuate her brunette mane with cleverly bleached streaks. “Her character is a bit lost and trying to find herself,” Vanis said. “It makes sense that she would do something bold [and trendy] with her hair to get noticed.” Needless to say, nothing packs a punch on social media these days more than the E-girl aesthetic, which Sanders has managed to achieve in size throughout the film. 

I have lived through these ages, so it feels so easy and fun to bring back the things that I grew up loving,” says Vanis, who created a range of different hairstyles for Deutch according to this god, including the zigzag parting, the ’90s-supermodel-Esque ponytail, and, naturally, a pair of cosmic dumplings. And it’s not just Deutch involved in the transformation-dying action, but the love interest of Dylan O’Brien’s character Colin. Zombie Creepy Kawaii Teddy Bear Shirt! To portray his unflinching E-boy character, O’Brien went so far as to bleach his hair platinum for the first time (“We took his virginal color, ” Vanis joked), and recorded it on TikTok for a viral effect. “Everyone lost their minds!” Vanis says the procedure requires a dual process because O’Brien’s hair is naturally very dark. “Hair plays a huge role for a character, especially for Danni,” says Vanis. “We watch her go up and down in this movie and her hair helps illustrate where her spirit is. It tells a story. “