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Nice BBC Broadbank Burbcasting Corporation Shirt! Ressa and her staff at Rappler, which she helped found a decade ago, fervently hoped for a different outcome. After six years under Duterte, whose aggressive tactics fueled his country’s violent drug war, the candidacy of Vice President Leni Robredo suggests a brighter future. Rappler tirelessly covered the election, fact-checking the misinformation and asthma for sale by the Marcos campaign, but its journalism had to compete with the virality of professional vloggers. residuals, who have Marcos-friendly access and flood YouTube with posts of undeterred praise. “Marcos wants us to believe that his father is a hero. And the lies are distributed,” said Ressa. “Lies contain anger and hatred.” There were tears in the newsroom when the results came out, Ressa said. But 25-year-old Rambo Talabong, who worked at Rappler right out of college (inspired by a speech Ressa gave to her classmates), told me, “There’s no time to sad. The death of democracy? No, we have to keep doing what we’re doing. This is what Maria wants us to do: Keep reporting, whoever the president is.” It was an incredible experience,” admits reporter Pia Ranada, 32. “It was a wake-up call for me as a journalist. Are people really listening to us?

Are people interested in the news we write, analyze, or fact-check? If they have so much faith in this candidate and he ends up winning despite everything we’ve reported, there’s something we have to analyze about the constituency. “It’s a feeling of ‘trying to work hard because there’s a long road ahead,” she said. Her job can be difficult. A Marcos presidency, Ressa told me, “would be bad for Rappler.” And indeed, in July, Ressa’s conviction of cyber defamation was upheld (her legal team planned to appeal to the country’s supreme court). Nice BBC Broadbank Burbcasting Corporation Shirt! The Philippines’ Securities and Exchange Commission has confirmed the order to shut down Rappler for allegedly violating the country’s laws on foreign media control (eBay founder Pierre Omidyar was an early investor). ). Since writing this, international voices of support have lined up to fight, including Hillary Clinton, who tweeted in June: “Rappler and Maria Ressa, tell the truth. Closing the site would be serious harm to the country and its people. When I spoke to Talabong, he was in the newsroom, wondering if the doors would be locked by the authorities while he worked inside. do our job and continue to hope we feel it every day,” he told me. “She holds the sky for us.”