Fauci Facepalm Shirt

  Fauci Facepalm Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Fauci Facepalm Shirt! Isa Boulder caught my eye when I saw Normani wearing the brand’s negative space argyle knit top separating bra, sleeves, bikini bottom, and socks in her “Wild One” music video with Cardi. B. Sexy but cunning look; experimental and engaging to the same extent. However, Normani is not the only one to shine with Isa Boulder. The swimwear and knitwear brand has won over pop stars Dua Lipa and Lorde (according to my Instagram feed) and most of Gen Z (according to my TikTok feed). What makes it so special is the way it seamlessly exists in a cross between lingerie and ready-to-wear. Designer Cecilia “Lia” Basari and her business partner Yuli Suri launched the brand as a swimwear line not long after Basari graduated from Central Saint Martins and returned to her native Indonesia in 2016. We start with swimwear because it’s based on cut and sew Basari said. “And, we wanted to create something that would also sell in Bali, and that is swimming.” But we’re not talking about basic bikinis. Basari said with a laugh: “I used to have a prejudice against swimwear because I thought it was too simple.

I thought it was just triangles. “But once I dug into it, I realized, oh, you know, let’s push it.” Then came the ruched and ruched bust straps, pleated one-piece swimsuits, bottoms, and hand-woven bikini tops, all created to fall somewhere between the trendy ready-to-wear pieces and the one-piece set. Fauci Facepalm Shirt! Swimwear really isn’t “too heavy or impractical to wear to the beach or by the pool. With the closure of a local factory in Bali, the duo took over and hired their unemployed artisans. Basari, who is committed to responsible design, wanted to get into knitting right away. “You can rewind the fibers and reuse them more efficiently and reduce some waste,” she said, adding assurances, “I don’t want to become a pretending to be a hypocrite and saying there’s no waste, but overall, I think knitwear is more than that. It works. During our conversation, Basari often brought up the technical aspects of knitwear. That’s because, like many knitwear designers, she has considerable technical ability. “What’s the limit of that particular gauge? What can certain yarns do? I’m like a kid in a candy store, I have a lot to explore.