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Nice American Flag Wolf USA Shirt! Maria Ressa hasn’t eaten all day but she barely needs it, small as she is, smiling, full of talk, fueled by an inner flywheel of cheerful, relentless warrior energy break never give up. Of course, nothing she told me was good news. When we meet in New York City in May, she is here on a visit from the Philippines, where she leads the digital news organization Rappler, which she is contemplating the tipping points. , the worst of human nature and the end of democracy. “I don’t want to disappoint you,” she says cheerfully, sipping a granite slab of Starbucks crispy rice and calling it delicious. Ressa won’t bore you if she tries. The 58-year-old journalist is a beloved figure on the world stage, unconcerned about the path we’re on and the impact of social media in particular but curious, charismatic, and kind to seemingly all. everyone she meets. When Ressa won the 2021 Nobel Peace Prize (together with Russian journalist Dmitry Muratov), ​​she became a global personality of courage and the fight for truth in the face of misinformation. She and her reporters at Rappler covered former Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte critically, taking in the consequences he caused in the process.


Ressa has been arrested twice and is facing online libel and tax-related charges that could lead to decades in prison. She has to get permission to leave the country (“I don’t pack until I’m approved. I’m a madman after approval”). She and her employees have been targeted by brutal and violent threats on Facebook, which are common in the Philippines and all the more toxic for it. Her Nobel Prize speech in Oslo was blunt: “Technology, with its divine power, has allowed a virus of lies to infect each of us, pit us against each other, make them fear, anger, and hatred.” But her eloquence also skyrocketed, and she ended the speech with her hands clasped together in a shared hymn of hope: “Please join me, close your eyes and imagine the world. Nice American Flag Wolf USA Shirt! world as it is,” she said. “A world of peace, trust, and empathy offer the best it can be for us. We have to make it a reality.” Ressa says we weren’t there yet when we sat down for coffee together at her downtown hotel and that she had every reason to be pessimistic. Just days after her country’s presidential election, yielding a resounding victory for Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., son of the late Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Marcos’s dense social media campaign is brimming with populist nostalgia, re-imagining his father’s brutal rule as a “golden age”. “You know what he did on his first day?” Ressa said. “Make the Philippines great again.” “