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Official mötley Crüe The Stadium Tour Chicago Event T-shirt! Tessa is a keen sci-fi fan in our interview, she shyly admits to being a lifelong Trekkie and her warnings about “atomizing meaning”, As she calls it, were the onslaught of the attention economy has narrowed our focus to seconds, seems to come from a very near future. In the Philippines, “we went off the cliff,” she said. “And it’s coming to you.” We’re talking about the US midterms this November and the 2024 elections. Ressa points out that there are more than 30 key global elections to watch out for this year, all of which are vulnerable. affected by misinformation on social media. “Next year is India: 2023 will be huge,” she said. But she cares deeply about the United States because she grew up here. She was born in the Philippines, but her father died when she was young and her mother left for America, leaving her and her sister Mary Jane with her family in Manila, until she became independent, remarried, and settled. Toms River, New Jersey. As the two girls join their mother, Maria plunges into the unfamiliar terrain of an American public school. In the Philippines, she had a strict Catholic education for all girls: “Benedictine nuns. Speak when you are talking. You are hit by a ruler. ” So at first, she was rather sad and quiet in class. “I don’t speak English very well,” she recalls, and hid in music, playing the piano and violin and studying hard. She was a good student, competitive and dangerous close to a nerd, so she tried her hand at basketball and softball. 

I don’t want to be a nerd,” she said. She wants to prove she belongs to the “universe”. Upon graduation, she was elected class president three times and transferred to Princeton. It was an American success story and Ressa still raved about it still the promise of meritocracy, the hope of hard work. Official mötley Crüe The Stadium Tour Chicago Event T-shirt! The day after we spoke, she would return to Toms River to receive the honor of the high school auditorium named after her. (In her keynote, she’ll urge students to think carefully about what they post on their feeds. “You’re probably not as good as you should be.”) She’s pouring. her personal history into a book, her Tuesday, out in November, called How to Stand Up to a Dictator. We talked about how much she loved Princeton (“College is where I learned to think and feel like you could go anywhere in the world and be successful”); about her early years as a reporter for CNN, where she became the director of the network’s Manila office and along the way replaced a “six feet two inches tall white Anglo-Saxon Protestant male,” she recalls with a smile. She is an optimist, obviously, her bright attitude is shaped by the opportunities she gets. Frances Haugen, the Facebook accuser, said: “I was invited to attend a conference with her, and always, the invitation was always sent, ‘If she didn’t have to go to jail…. “She’s such a nice, wonderful person, and it’s unfair to have the idea that she’s going to have to live under such a cloud. I think she handles all the slings and arrows thrown at her with amazing grace.