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Nice run Rose Run Guitar Dolly Parton Shirt! At the newly opened Parcelle bar on New York’s Lower East Side, wine comes first. This should come as no surprise to those who know Parcelle, the brand’s e-commerce site, founded by Charlie Bird alum and research expert Grant Reynolds in 2018, has made a name for itself as a place to get the most amazing bottles of wine on the market. . . as well as to understand why they were great in the first place. (“Created by a leading organic farmer in the Loire, brightly colored, floral, and delicately bubbly,” reads the explanation for Pet Nat. fried favorites. ) Still, impressive. as they follow a drink-first mentality in their traditional space, located in the heart of Dimes Square, from the food that pairs well with a specific blend to the furniture chosen due to the height It’s ideal for sipping. The food menu is ever-changing, now featuring a wide range of dishes such as singleton toast and French ham with corn – including two culinary categories. 

A catalog consisting of items that pair very well with a particular wine that Parcelle is offering that day. The second feature is that the widgets will pair with any glass you choose. “If you sit down and you want a glass of orange wine, and they want a glass of red wine, you can share the fried chicken. Reynolds says everyone wins with that dish. Nice run Rose Run Guitar Dolly Parton Shirt! Then there’s the furniture: Reynolds teamed up with interior designer Paul Renwick to create a warm and inviting room that features an impressive collection of furniture from the Italian modernism movement. . Couples can sip pints of Pinot Grigio while sitting on the emerald green Gio Ponti chairs or those by Verner Panton, while groups of friends can sip a bottle of Barolo on the brown De Sede couch sumptuous red. On the walls are playful embroideries of mushrooms, plants, and fish. Reynolds and Renwick wanted the space to feel like a cozy living room (albeit a tall design). But the most important factor? “All the furniture is at a comfortable height for eating and drinking,” Reynolds said.