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Nice Biden Donkey Pox The Disease Destroying America T-shirt! While romantic Santorini and bacchanalian Mykonos often get the attention of lions (and tourists) in the Cyclades, another island with quieter charm awaits just 45 minutes away: Paros. That’s where fashion designer Margherita Missoni and her friends including Eugenie Niarchos and Tatiana Santo Domingo vacation this July. Calm and crystalline beaches and bougainvillea-dotted towns are full of cultural appeal. Then there’s the food, which focuses on seafood and freshness: “I love Greek food and it stands out from anywhere else,” says Missoni. Accessible from Athens by plane and Mykonos by ferry, it’s an easy, Elysian escape for those planning a summer trip to the Mediterranean. Here are Missoni’s travel tips for the untested Greek island. Just outside the harbor town of Nassau is Cosme, a newly opened Luxury Collection resort.

With whitewashed brick walls, flat roofs, and colorful bougainvillea bushes, it is a prime example of the Cycladic architectural style that dominates the area. Inside, cool cream and earth tones adorn the lobby and guest rooms, with occasional pops of color from a pastel pink couch or maybe a painted pot with a vintage face. of the Grecians. “I love how it never feels too big and is quite private. Nice Biden Donkey Pox The Disease Destroying America T-shirt! The rooms may be next to each other, but you don’t really realize it,” says Missoni. Amenities include a semicircular infinity pool, shaped to complement the azure Aegean sea below, a private beach club, and a spa with a star-gazing area overlooking Nassau’s twinkling lights in the daytime. night. An extra bonus? Onsite restaurant, Parostià. Helped by Yiannis Kioroglou, formerly of La Guerite in St Barths, the restaurant serves the Mediterranean and Grecian menus.