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Official luke Combs Cheetah Leopard Print Country Music T-shirt! The costumes in Nope, Jordan Peele’s latest film, tell their own complex and metaphorical story. This makes sense for a film that works a lot through symbols and references that tell the puzzling story of an alien creature struggling to resist being seen or photographed. Another major plot point of the Modern West involves the Haywood brothers, played by Daniel Kuulaya and Keke Palmer, fighting to keep ownership of their horse ranch, which is maintained through gigs. in Hollywood. (Note: spoilers ahead). The film’s costume designer, Alex Bovaird, added layers of poetry to Peele’s visual masterpiece through her acclaimed and in-demand exposure. (Her previous credits include The White Lotus, American Honey, and Bad Education.) Bovaird points to the instantly recognizable red cowboy suit worn by Steven’s fame-hungry character. Yeun, Jupe, in an important and terrible scene. The vibrant suit, featuring vibrant embroidery and ribbed sleeves, is a direct nod to Elvis Presley. Bovaird says Jupe and Elvis are both “examples of what a star can do with people and become an attention addict. Elvis was probably the first victim of fame, so there’s a bit of a reminiscent of him there.

Biggest twist: the suit almost doesn’t make the movie. In another world, Jupe wears a standard hoodie, running the brand while being a little too close to the afterlife. These outfits have a lot to do with pop culture,” said the Emmy-nominated costume designer. Other easter eggs include Daniel Kaluuya’s character, OJ, wearing a hoodie in the Mummy Scorpion spinoff (produced by Universal Studios and the studio behind Nope) and Keke Palmer’s Emerald character wearing a T-shirt for the character’s high school, Canyon Creek. Other flashy moments include Emerald and OJ wearing Angel’s (Brandon Perea’s) clothes after running back to his apartment. Official luke Combs Cheetah Leopard Print Country Music T-shirt! Bovaird’s stage choices accentuate the plot. Bovaird brought insights like this by accident while speaking to Vogue from Alaska, where she’s currently gearing up for her next project, season four of True Detective, which will star the actress. Jodie Foster. Bovaird says she uses “one approach” to dressing up the characters. “I really get to know them and try to figure out how they think,” she said. “I ask questions like, ‘What color suits them? “Can they get dressed? “Are they trying? In many ways, her job is to analyze the diverse and complex factors behind how and why we dress the way we do every day.