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Nice Anne Heche Men In Trees Shirt! The marriage proposal is no less memorable. Matt made up a fake plan with friends and dragged his reluctant fiancé out of bed early Saturday morning. Instead of an Uber waiting outside, there was a white Cinquecento, back to their first date: a picnic in Italy on the Serpentine’s courtyard. Extra sweetener? The matching chauffeur holds two coffees for the couple to sip on while taking them on a wild goose chase around London. After hours as tourists in their city, they head to Hyde Park to recreate this first special Serpentine holiday with professional caterers. “When he got down on one knee to do the classic proposal, which basically made me cry for about four days.

We were lucky enough to have amazing passersby wish us luck and take pictures,” Toma remembers. again. “It’s like something from a TV show.” A date with their friends was awaited at Windsor Castle in West London, the site of many of Toma’s birthdays. Nice Anne Heche Men In Trees Shirt! “We made the news and everyone was screaming and crying, we finished our glasses in the pub,” she recalls as she showed off her grandmother’s engagement ring, which Toma’s mother had slipped across the table at Chez Bruce (her mother’s intuition told her lunch was for). Matt and Toma then worked with Ring Concierge to realize the bride’s dream emerald-cut diamond set with traps on a minimal thin gold band, “so that the stones feel like they’re the real ones. why.” “The first time I put it on, it all felt very, very real and we entered the next stages of the wedding and marriage process,” she recalls.