The Straight White American Guy T-shirt and Hoodie

The Straight White American Guy T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweat Shirt

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Just outside the harbor town of Nassau is Cosme, a newly opened Luxury Collection resort. With whitewashed brick walls, flat roofs, and colorful bougainvillea bushes, it is a prime example of the Cycladic architectural style that dominates the area. Inside, cool cream and earth tones adorn the lobby and guest rooms, with occasional pops of color from a pastel pink couch or maybe a painted pot with a vintage face. of the Grecians and The Straight White American Guy T-shirt! I love how it never feels too big and is quite private. The rooms may be next to each other, but you don’t really realize it, says Missoni. Amenities include a semicircular infinity pool, shaped to complement the azure Aegean sea below, a private beach club, and a spa with a star-gazing area overlooking Nassau’s twinkling lights in the daytime. night. An extra bonus? Onsite restaurant, Parostià. Backed by Yiannis Kioroglou – formerly La Guerite in St Barths – the restaurant serves the Mediterranean and Grecian menus.