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Nice super Trump Trump Mania Shirt! Toma and Matt’s wedding day is two years from the day they met again on July 16, 2020. After the church service, guests headed to a wedding that the bride said, “felt like a movie set. wedding, but very cozy and intimate, like the best dinner party you’ll ever come to with a sense of wonder.” The three long tables were decorated with flowers, inspired by the bouquets Matt gave Toma two once a week from the first date onwards, with beautiful venue arrangements by Embellishing the Ordinary, who also created their invitations (Visual consistency was key for Toma, who stood head of creative production at and Matt, senior creative director of a FinTech company.) Toma’s bridal look is a timeless version of herself, she shares: “I want to. had an exaggerated waist and a new Dior gown. that Le Spose Di Gio uses.” A 4-foot-tall church veil with lace trim adds romance, and she knows her shoes have to be a pair of classic Manolo Hangisi boots in white. accented by an art deco earring with a pearl, it’s my birthstone” and the bride’s bag was a pear.

Tyler Ellis’s clutches were lent by a friend. Food plays a huge role in the day. The pair lured catering company The Gatherers from London to Suffolk to make healing halibut with citrus and samphire with the greenest olive oils from Maltby and Greece, porchetta, salsa verde, and pie. Nice super Trump Trump Mania Shirt! Toma’s recipe, modernized with a creamy crème fraîche. “Sadly Matt and I could only pick one before we had to change into our evening gowns,” said the bride, who then stepped onto the dance floor under a canopy of stars visible under transparent canopy, a Smart choice for a wedding party also see the sunset in the speech. Toma landed on her evening after searching high and low for something that could help her throw shapes with her usual enthusiasm. 16Arlington, a gift from the heavens suggested by her friends, has perfectly matched her requested bridal styles within two weeks. “The off-the-shoulder, feathered silk A-line dress is really fun to wear,” the newlyweds noted, “and is the perfect mood-setter.”