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The Boogeyman Followed Me Home Halloween T-shirt! To explore the area’s burgeoning natural wine scene, be sure to book a tasting in advance at Cava Garambullo, a biodynamic winery located on the outskirts of the city. Bottling around 4,500 organic and unfiltered variations each year, winemakers Natalia López Mota and Branko Pjanic not only lead tastings of the brand’s signature bottles from an orange wine made from albariño grapes and chardonnay to a sweet wine that is fresh, mineral and reminiscent of strawberries. and ice cream but they also consult with wineries in the area on how to incorporate wild fermentation techniques. Back in downtown San Miguel de Allende is the Octagon tasting room curated by Marcelo Castro Vero. Although the brand is the only winery in the region to produce natural wines in clay decanters its red wines are made from silky, succulent, and extremely delicious Malbec grapes.

They will also share Share even more of its products at a tasting, including spirits like mint-infused mezcal and homemade dip mixes, including spicy concoctions of chapulines or locusts. Offering both natural wines and regional specialties like cider and mead in an upscale setting is Xoler Wine Bar, the city’s prettiest new bar for small plates and drinks. While the Casa Dragones tasting room is a traditional town favorite and a must-try for trying the region’s top brand of tequila, there are new establishments to try both traditional Mexican spirits and spirits. system and developing. The Boogeyman Followed Me Home Halloween T-shirt! One point is Bekeb by mixologist Fabiola Padilla, who is Casa Dragones’ brand ambassador. At her rooftop bar, located above Casa Hoyos, guests can sample earthy herbal drinks made with Mexican spirits such as sotol, raicilla, and mezcal mixed with herbs grown from the region. garden on her premises.