Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia 2022 Save The Queen Shirt

  Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia 2022 Save The Queen Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia 2022 Save The Queen Shirt! The vibe just hit last night at Chelsea Industrial, a chic event space in Manhattan for Latoia Fitzgerald’s second runway show for her Lionne label. The scene is a buzzing mix of the city’s established editors and press, up-and-coming fashion innovators, and a number of famous faces (including James Harden of the Philadelphia 76ers and rappers Flo Milli), all came together to celebrate this Philadelphia Native’s outing in Los Angeles. I started designing clothes when I was a little girl,” Fitzgerald said backstage minutes before the show. “My mother taught me how to sew clothes when I was about 13 years old; I was just a creative kid in the basement making clothes and having fun with everything,” she added with a laugh. Fitzgerald brought that passion into high school, and eventually joined their first business venture, LaToia Michelle, which she started in 2010 with Michelle Savage, a friend who studied fashion marketing. 

In 2018, Fitzgerald decided to branch out on its own, launching Lionne, French for lioness. Fitzgerald is a Leo, in case you were wondering. This is Fitzgerald’s New York Fashion Week premiere. Just in time, as it comes in a season that has seen somewhat of a takeover by LA-based (or at least stylistically adjacent to LA) designers like Marcelo Garcia of Mirror Palais and Tina Aya Muse’s Rodiou offers the ultimate celebrity-approved appeal of their vision to New York City power-wear luxury. Queen Elizabeth Memorabilia 2022 Save The Queen Shirt! But Fitzgerald’s drive to show off in the city this season is personal and comes from a desire to continue growing his business while proving his worth alongside other power players. “I feel like stomping on the big dogs,” she says with a laugh, adding that “it’s time to transition into the fashion world” and that, while she will remain focused. By making her own wave and doing her own thing, she wants to be recognized by the industry.