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Nice Halloween Zombie Joe Biden I Need a Brains Shirt! I felt very nervous before the ceremony because there were so many emotions and adrenaline welling up inside of me,” Iqbal recalls. “As soon as I entered the room, with all my friends and family already sitting there and Nicholas standing at the end, I could only feel the positive energy in the room. It makes me feel very happy. Nicholas made me cry reading some very sweet words he wrote as part of his vows, and even the subscriber cried! The whole thing was very emotional, but in the joyful, loving, energetic, and profound way you get when you know you’re standing next to someone who loves you and wants to be with you for the rest of your life and give it back to them. It was a new feeling for me that I had never experienced. It’s like opening a new level of love.” After guests lined up to greet Daley and Iqbal’s walked through the ICA entrance lined with bougainvillea, they moved to a private garden for a drinks reception, before heading back inside for dinner.

The menu was crafted by Iqbal’s longtime friends Missy Flynn and Gabriel Pryce, whose restaurant Rita’s is a favorite among Londoners. Iqbal said: “It was a great feeling to work with the caterers who are also friends as we could really feel that Missy and Gabriel were going the extra mile to make the food. Our food and drinks are special and personal, and everything is perfect. Finally, since Daley and Iqbal’s first encounter was on the dance floor, they are hosting an epic after-party in the ICA’s theater space to end the night in style and with a lineup of killer music. Nice Halloween Zombie Joe Biden I Need a Brains Shirt! First, Daniyal Ahmed set up the scene by playing the bansuri, a traditional Pakistani flute, soon followed by The Dhol Foundation drummers, who accompanied Daley and Iqbal at the entrance to the party. (Later, they also went with the ceilidh band while all the wedding guests got into the Scottish dancing mood.) “Since music is such an important part of our lives, so it formed a very important element of the wedding celebration,” explains Daley.