Nice disneyland Castle With Minnie Head Shirt

  Nice Disneyland Castle With Minnie Head Shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

Nice Disneyland Castle With Minnie Head Shirt! First of all, you have to be your own filter. If you don’t desire yourself, how can you trigger desire in others? At the same time, collections have to be personal, but it can’t just be because, in that case, it’s out of fashion. If it gets too personal, it becomes an art project and I think we should be careful to distinguish fashion from an art form because while fashion is about vision, it is also about product. and how we consume it. Personal stories are vitally important, but as a creative and visionary, you must be inspired by the world around you. Fashion is a mirror, but you can easily get lost in it and say, “Look, I’m great, now I’ve made holes everywhere because I’ve been through a war “. No. Must have some degree of interpretation and translate your personal story. So going back to the question of desire, I think desire is about perceiving and you need to train it to create desire, whether it’s a product, a fashion show, a good movie. or anything you do. I think it’s something you have in you and you have to work on it. It’s almost like sports.

From a creative POV, it’s pretty much like going to the gym. If you don’t train yourself to measure that desire or creativity, you’ll never get there. Personally, I exchange opinions a lot, and ask around a lot: my interns, my assistants, the people I live with, and even the chef! I want to know in my studio who they think is a potential customer for something we’re working on. It is by trying and making mistakes, allowing yourself to make mistakes. Very often in fashion, we don’t have this space. We cannot afford to fail. This is a big problem; Today there is no patience. We want it now, we want it to be super successful, we want it to be a blockbuster, but this is dangerous because to do something great, you have to fail over and over again. And the possibility of failure is an important factor that I think we need to bring to fashion. Nice Disneyland Castle With Minnie Head Shirt! Especially for young people, because I remember myself – how scared you are when you can’t get through it because no one cares about you, no one is going to pay for it. So we should say to young innovators: “Hey, failure is great!” Because that’s the only way for you to succeed.