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Official christ Understands Me Cum Shirt! Their attention to the dress code also extends to guests: With the theme of “returning to your roots”, friends and family are encouraged to wear sportswear that honors their respective cultures, resulting in an array of colors and kaleidoscope printing. “People really take it seriously,” says Iqbal. On her side, the family arrives mostly in traditional Pakistani garb, while the Scottish side of the Daley family ensures an endless parade of brightly patterned kilns. “When we had the party, it was amazing to look around the room and see how people looked,” Iqbal recalls. “Coming from London, our friendship group is naturally very diverse, and we have friends from a lot of different places. All pay homage to their heritage with their wedding attire, and we have friends in traditional.


Sierra Leonean handwoven, Japanese kimonos, Palestinian bras, and Yemen, Swedish reindeer leather pants, Moroccan fez hats – the list goes on! The day began with a civic ceremony led by a registrar from the City of Westminster, which saw guests flood the room accompanied by a cello played by Lucinda Chau. Official christ Understands Me Cum Shirt! “It was a beautiful ceremony with lots of laughter, happy tears, and positive loving energy,” recalls Daley. Iqbal walked down the aisle to her favorite jazz track, Freddie Hubbard’s “First Light,” which she first heard when Nicholas was showing her his record collection at his family home It’s in Leicestershire. Then, to end the ceremony, “The Way You Make Me Feel” was played out by the speakers. “It was a perfect ending, with people singing along and dancing instead of going for a walk,” said Daley.