The Skeleton Riding Mummeen Dinosaur Trex Pumpkin Halloween T-shirt

  The Skeleton Riding Mummeen Dinosaur Trex Pumpkin Halloween T-shirt, Hoodie, Longsleeve Tee, And Sweater

The Skeleton Riding Mummy Dinosaur Trex Pumpkin Halloween T-shirt! It also gave me a lot of visibility, something that at the time I couldn’t fully profit from because I had to continue my education, but it was still very important. I’ve never been to competitions because I hate it, but in Trieste the atmosphere is different. We all stayed at the Riviera outside the city. As I walk by it today, all the memories come to mind, the excitement of being here, the discussions about fashion, innocence, and passion. There is no animosity between the contestants; we wish that everyone wins and stems from each other. That’s a rarity in this industry, so that part of the experience was really cool. I think schools are important, but I think today schools are not good, there are no schools. I think fashion education is 20 years behind today’s fashion and also behind today’s world. I think the method used today, whether it’s creativity-based or product-based alone, is not balanced. 

What I think is most important for a young innovator from a fashion institution, first of all, is to learn to find his or her vision and not let the teacher down to take it to the next level. So there’s a fundamental methodological problem there. For example, I never found my taste when I was in school. I found it in this process later, when I started experimenting with IRL things, and I suddenly built my vision and I’m a designer. What I really appreciate in my case, although this is not true in many fashion schools is the art part of the education: art history, contemporary art, sculpture, and nude drawing to understand the human body. Skeleton Riding Mummy Dinosaur Trex Pumpkin Halloween Shirt! I think every fashion school should start with lessons in anatomy and body drawing in three dimensions because if a designer can’t relate to the human body and its complexity, then how can you wear it? I have been fortunate enough to have such preparation, but I know that many schools do not. So I think fashion schools are definitely important, but not as they are today.