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Nice the Mr. Mobs Minecraft Fun Game T-shirt! While the Indigenous community rallied around Littlefeather, for years the Academy did not respond to what had happened at the ceremony, until this August, when the group finally issued a formal apology to Littlefeather. because of the backlash she received. In it, the president of the Academy, David Rubin, wrote: “The abuse you have suffered because of this claim is baseless and unfounded. The emotional burden you’ve gone through and the price paid for your own career in our industry is irreparable. It’s been too long since the bravery you showed has gone unrecognized. “ Littlefeather didn’t expect this statement. “It was completely overwhelming and shocking,” she said. “[Academy Museum President] Jacqueline Stewart read it to me, and when it was over, I was in tears. I was in tears. I was in shock.” Littlefeather currently lives in the San Francisco Bay area, but she will be returning to Hollywood next weekend for a special ceremony in her honor.

Saturday, September 17, the Academy Film Museum will host a special evening with Littlefeather, which will include a formal reading of the Academy’s apology letter and “my response to the letter of conciliation.” that,” Littlefeather said, “come not only from myself but on behalf of all natives because all natives are affected by this. It’s long overdue for all natives. local.” There will also be a Q&A discussion between Littlefeather and Bird Runningwater (the flagship Indigenous presence in the Academy), as well as a range of Indigenous artists, including San Manuel Bird Singers and National Singers and Dancers. “We have some beautiful and traditional singers and dancers,” Littlefeather said. “This is the entire Native American production process, Nice the Mr. Mobs Minecraft Fun Game T-shirt! from start to finish. There was a total collaboration among the indigenous peoples to put this together; We are a community. The menu at the private reception was created by local chef Crystal Wahpepah.