Nice i Know Where You Sleep Shirt

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Nice, I Know Where You Sleep Shirt! That’s one of the main reasons she uses the material, Calderone explains. “You have to have more polished materials, like your marbles and metal, but you also have to have something that has some craftsmanship,” she said. You can also pinpoint its revival for a new-found appreciation for collectible modern Italian furniture. Manufacturers from the 50s, 60s, and early 70s including rattan-friendly designers such as Crespi, Franco Albini, and Carlo Mollino have seen a significant increase in interest in late recent years, with a table recently selling for six million dollars at auction. As interest around this period grew, so did interest in rattan and its modern fibers.

Calderone and McKinley are examples, as well as Rogan Gregory’s rattan art.) Rattan is also a versatile material: Crespi furniture, for example, can be used indoors and outdoors. And while it’s often associated with homes in the tropics or summer, McKinley points out that rattan chairs can also suit alpine and winter homes: “Marella Agnelli is a person. loves clouds and there are beautiful examples of it in Villar Perosa near Turin,” he said. Nice, I Know Where You Sleep Shirt! Warmth, durability, and flexibility? It’s no surprise that rattan is back as a must-know interior design trend. Below, shop our selection of favorite rattan pieces. At the start of Queen Elizabeth II’s state funeral on Monday morning, much of central London was at a standstill.